The mission of the Bureau of Economic Research, (BER) is to provide information on the state of the economy of the US Virgin Islands in support of both public-sector and private-sector decision-making.

We provide reliable and quality statistics to enhance the social and economic development of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

One of BER’s most important functions is the production of routine statistical reports. 

In any given month, the Bureau of Economic Research produces and distributes hundreds of indicators relevant to the United States Virgin Islands economy. The Bureau also regularly conducts special research projects, in the form of briefing papers and special analyses or surveys.

Information compiled and produced by the Bureau of Economic Research is used in many ways.

Government agencies use the Bureau’s data for operational planning and are documented for federal grant applications, bond issues, database development, impact analysis, and forecasting. Local businesses and prospective investors typically rely on the Division of Economic Research information for feasibility analysis to establish new businesses or expand existing ones. Students and other researchers are also regular consumers of our research products.

The Bureau of Economic Research is a major provider of technical assistance in the areas of economic development planning, financing, special project management, general economic analyses, and information management.

Most of these efforts are funded through federal grants obtained by the Bureau of Economic Research.  Since 1991 the Bureau of Economic Research has managed 32 different grant projects totaling $6 million in award value.

The Bureau is the Territory’s lead agency responsible for collaborating with the US Census Bureau in the conduct of the Virgin Islands Economic Census, and the Economic Development Administration (EDA) in its efforts to foster economic development.

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